sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Eunhyuk, Donghae GAYS?!

Many people believe that Eunhyuk and Donghae are gay. There are even photos that seem real. Comes a scene where they kiss in a concert and seems very real, but be true? Another is for over 18 years in a cabin where are allegedly trying to have relationships in which Eunhyuk bites her lip, Oh my God. Another photo is where newly emerging from the recording of the song ''Bonamana'' but not exactly kissing her lips are stretched as they are going to kiss. Another is that it is very hot where Eunhyuk goes shirtless showing his beautiful pecs and Donghae has his hand on the neck. There are many more scenes to another is almost the same but here are having sex. Another is where are crossed but it looks like they did a drama. Unfortunately upload the photos of the scene if there is a relationship by which the child sees. Will actually be gay?

This is the photo of Donghae has his hand on the neck of Eunhyuk

This is a photo of the kiss that seems real at the concert.

This is a photo  of almost kiss

Jessica's Confession

Another rumor, is the declaration of Jessica a Kyuhyun,They have said that Jessica was declared to Kyuhyun that she loved him. He loved her beautiful words accept thanked him very much but he was interested in Seohyun. He said he was very sorry but he did not feel the same as her. Jessica told him a few weeks after having recorded the song SEOUL She felt sorry for what he said but I accept he said he could not force him to love her. I cry a lot then, but I try to cover the wound at the time and he did now she sees him as a brother.
Kyuhyun hurt that she cried for him, but could not do anything.
Now are friends.

Oh! :'(

Couple Yoona & Eunhyuk

What no one knew was the romance of Yoona and Eunhyuk.
For it is obvious that the characters as Koreans often do not reveal the names of their partners to avoid causing scandals. But have discovered a romance never imagined. Supposedly have said Eunhyuk and Yoona were great friends but that ended in a courtship. Their relationship lasted three months after Yoona he broke with Eunhyuk. She did so knowing that to Hyoyeon Eunhyuk she likes. But Eunhyuk begged him not. Step very painful for a while but then eventually it was forgotten now are just friends.
Besides that he liked Yoona Donghae.